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Life quality and length are not defined by the genetic predispositions but also by the way we care for ourselves during the life. If you are want to get a rest and relax, you are at the right place.

You can relax, recover and strength your immunity in our sauna world. We have classical finish sauna, infra sauna as well as aroma sauna (mitigating respiratory difficulties) together with heated inside pool with a whirlpool, massage wall and water mushroom or waterfall. You can also visit our fit corner or just sit at the bar with refreshments.

Our trained staff will help you to forget about your work stress, tired muscles from all the sports and worries caused by your children. It takes only one massage to rid you from physical and psychical tension. Using our natural cosmetics will give your skin fresh look. We have a wide offer of relaxing body and cosmetic treatments for you to reach an overall harmony of your body and soul. We will wrap you into paraffin, promote blood circulation in your body by hydrotherapy and stimulate your body with colour light to feel psychically reborn.


30 min whole body massage

60 min whole body massage

20 min face massage

30 min back massage


Not even your parents will recognise you after few days full of relaxation and sports in our hotel! 


Vacation packages for the period from 1 March to 17 March 2019 are ready for you here.

Group and company discounts based on individual agreement. 

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