1. Provider is the company of Hotel Nástup s.r.o., Company ID: 04893816, with registered office at U Kamýku 284/11, Kamýk, 14200 Prague 4, Czech Republic, incorporated in the Commercial Registered maintained by Municipal Court, Section C, Inset 255101.
    2. Client is either natural persons or legal entity.
    3. Hotel means HOTEL NÁSTUP located at Loučná pod Klínovcem 104, 431 91 Loučná pod Klínovcem, Czech Republic.
    4. General terms and conditions (hereinafter referred to as “GTC”) regulate the conditions of providing accommodation and related services in the hotel (hereinafter referred to as “Service”) to Client.
    5. GTC form an integral part of signed contracts unless stipulated otherwise in the respective contract regulating the business relation. Clients confirm by sending reservations and bookings that they had familiarize themselves herewith and that they agree with the content hereof.  

    1. Service may be booked in the Hotel only in writing - mail, facsimile, e-mail or by filling in and sending the form located at Hotel web pages www.hotelnastup.cz (hereinafter referred to as “Booking”). Bookings shall comprise at least:
      • client's first and last name,
      • arrival and departure,
      • client’s contact details: address, phone number and e-mail,
      • payment method,
      • number of persons: number of adults and children (incl. children’s age),
      • type and number of additional services (e.g. sauna, half-board, extra beds, animals etc.)
    2. Booking are accepted upon Provider’s written confirmation. The list of services incl. prices in the confirmation is binding for the scope of service and prices. Provider confirming Booking makes the booking binding (hereinafter referred to as “Binding Booking").
    3. Bookings may be accepted and confirmed also based on the number of a Client’s valid payment card considered as a guarantee. Should the booked service not be used, the cancellation fee according to cancellation terms will be applied.
    4. Binding bookings might be changed without sanctions up to 30 days before the agreed day of arrival. Changes in Binding Bookings made less than 30 days before the agreed day of arrival, which reduce the scope of services booked by clients, will have no effect on the final price charged based on the Binding Booking. 

    1. Provider may require payment in advance or an advance payment ranging from 30% to 100% of the total price due for the booked service. Provider will inform the Client about the advance payments when confirming the Booking. Making an advance payment means crediting the relevant sum to Provider's account, unless agreed otherwise. Should clients fail to make the advance payment, Provider is authorised to cancel the Binding Booking and charge the Clients with cancellation fee according hereto.
    2. Service price, advance payments and payments of remaining price parts will be paid as follows:
      1. cashless transfer to Provider’s bank account (should the transfer be made less than 2 days before arrival, a payment confirmation is to be submitted to the Hotel reception upon arrival),
      2. by payment card online via payment gateway at Hotel web pages, or
      3. by payment card (we accept master and Visa cards) or cash against receipt issued by Hotel reception.
    3. Clients shall pay the Service price or its outstanding part upon departure the latest.
    4. Service price does not comprise fees (e.g. accommodation, recreational, etc.) that are collected in line with the binding local decrees issued by the relevant Municipal Authority.
    5. Should Clients fail to pay the Service price or its outstanding part as agreed, Provider is authorised to charge late payment interest of 0.5% to the outstanding sum for each day in delay.
    6. Should Clients withdraw from the signed booking contract  (Binding Booking) as well as in other cases listed herein, they are obliged to pay to Provider the following cancellation fee:
      • 30% for the accommodation price if terminated 90-21 days before the agreed arrival,
      • 50% for the accommodation price if terminated 20-14 days before the agreed arrival,
      • 70% for the accommodation price if terminated 13-7 days before the agreed arrival,
      • 100% for the accommodation price if terminated less than 6 days before the agreed arrival or in case of no-show.
    7. Cancellations of Binding Bookings with advance payment or price paid fully in advance must be executed by clients in writing (email) and Provider will confirm the cancellation in the same way. Should the cancellation fee be lower than the advance payment or price paid fully in advance, provider will transfer the difference to Client’s account not later than 14 days after receiving the written notification cancelling a Binding Booking from the Client.  
    8. Pursuant to provisions under Section 1837 (j) of Act no. 89/2012 Coll., Civil Code, as amended, Client, as consumer, is not entitled to withdraw from the accommodation contract, as long as Provider delivers the service in the agreed dates.

    1. By signing the accommodation contract, Clients are entitled to general use of rented premises and Hotel facilities, which might be used by guests without special regulations and to receive common service. Stay in the hotel is governed by Accommodation Rules which are binding for clients and their accompanying guests. Accommodation Rules are available at Hotel reception or Hotel web pages www.hotelnastup.cz.
    2. Clients are entitled to complain about defects in provided Service. Complaints are to be made with the person listed in the Booking confirmation as the person responsible for their booking or with the Hotel reception desk; complaints are to be filed immediately upon finding the defects at the place where the service is provided, i.e. directly in the Hotel, or in writing (facsimile, email) one day after the departure. Later complaints will not be reflected.
    3. Clients are obliged to pay – upon departure – the Service price incl. other Services, fees (e.g. accommodation, recreational, etc.) and any other costs for special services requested by themselves or by their accompanying guests, incl. the mandatory VAT.
    4. Clients will be held liable by Provider for any damage inflicted by them or by other persons using the Hotel Service with Clients knowledge or according to their free will.
    5. Pet animals can be accommodated for an extra charge. Clients are responsible for their pets (regardless whether owned by themselves or by their accompanying guests) and they undertake to compensate the damage inflicted by pets to both internal and external equipment of the Hotel.

    1. Provider may provide clients with adequate alternative accommodation (same quality), subject to clients’ acceptance, especially if the difference in the accommodation is negligible and justifiable.  Justifiable are situations, when the premises cannot be used, when clients decide to stay longer, in case of overbooking or adopting any other major operating measures preconditioning this step. Any additional costs as well as costs for the alternative accommodation will be borne by Provider.
    2. Provider is entitled to charge fees for his services or invoice them under the pay-as-you-go regime.
    3. Provider is obliged to provide the agreed service in the scope complaint with the standards.
    4. Should Clients severely violate the Accommodating Rules, Provider is entitled to stop providing Service without alternative substitute and invoice them the full service price.
    5. Should clients terminate their stay in the Hotel before the departure day agreed upon in the Binding Booking, Provider is entitled to invoice the full service price with no regard whether or not the service way actually used.

    1. Purchased gift vouchers are non-refundable. They are valid for the period of time printed on the vouchers; if nothing is printed on them, they are valid for 1 year. 

    1. Service offered in the Hotel may vary throughout the year. Up-to-date offer is posted on Hotel web pages www.hotelnastup.cz.
    2. Provider will not provide any financial compensation for booked but not used service or booked service changed during the stay (accommodation, food, wellness service).

    1. Client is aware that some Hotel premises are monitored by CCTV cameras recoding video footage in order to protect Provider’s and guests’ property. Monitored areas are duly marked accordingly.
    2. Personal data is processed by the Provider. Data can be made available to law enforcement bodies for criminal prosecution purposes and administrative bodies for minor offence proceedings.
    3. There are 9 cameras located in common areas in the Hotel as well as public areas in front of the Hotel (mainly reception desk, pool, parking lot in front of entrance, suppliers’ entrance, back parts of the hotel and playground); the cameras do not monitor rooms, changing rooms, toilets and offices. CCTV system monitors the ground nonstop. Records are kept for 7 days.
    4. Personal data entities (Clients and guests accompanying them) are authorised to access the personal data; they are authorised to ask for explanation or removal of defects, if they believe that their personal data are processed inaccurately or if they are violating their personal and personal life protection or the law. More details about the camera system incl. the detailed location, access to personal data, explanations and objections can be required or raised with the Hotel reception desk, via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or via phone by calling +420 471 120 299.

    1. The contractual relation between Provider and Client is governed by Czech law.
    2. Personal data provided by clients and other guests accompanying them and listed in the Booking will be used by Provider only for the purpose of the contract between Provider and Clients in order to meet Provider’s mandatory obligations.
    3. Any changes or amendments hereof may be agreed individually between Provider and Clients only in writing.   
    4. These General Terms and Conditions come into force from 16 July 2017.

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