You have to work sometimes also during relax stays, and therefore, companies organising conferences can combine business with pleasure. You can relax daytime and do a teambuilding (which we may also organise for you) and you can spend the evening in a conference room for 30 participants with big screen or monitor separated from other guests, where you can hold you meetings in peace. We can also offer tailor-made catering.

There is Wi-Fi available in the room. The room has large windows letting in day light and a balcony.

The conference room is used also for karaoke so that everybody can enjoy privacy for their performances and not disturb other guests in the restaurant separated from the conference room.

We have a solution for all possible events you can think of and for all guests’ wishes.

Come and sing along

Come and sing along

Vacation packages for the period from 1 March to 17 March 2019 are ready for you here.

Group and company discounts based on individual agreement. 

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