You can also book our restaurant for big social events, family or company parties. We will have the room ready and decorated as requested. Do not hesitate to tell us what do you need and want.

We can accommodate up to 100 guests. The restaurant was furbished to provide a cosy place to our guests to close their active day with delicious food, glass of wine or of something stronger.

Both the interior and wide choice of excellent dishes invites you to relax from every day stress and savour your little moment.


Home-made apple pie

79 Kč

with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream


89 Kč

with ice cream and whipped cream or orange sauce and vanilla ice cream

Old Bohemian Honey Tart

50 Kč

All Desserts



Tap beer is a must to grilled meat and vegetables. Our supply cannot be exhausted! We know the taste of our clients, so no need to worry!

For guests who prefer wine and other drinks over beer we have archived wines as well as other alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. We take care of everyone!

Alcoholic and alcohol free beverages

Metaxa (0,04 l)

99 Kč

Ballantine´s (0,04 l)

69 Kč

Czech Rum (0,04 l)

39 Kč

Rum Zacapa (0,04 l)

199 Kč

PHANT wine (0,25 l)

59 Kč

Pilsen tap beer (0,5 l)

45 Kč

All Beverages

Alcoholic and alcohol free beverages

Posedět u nás může až 100 hostů najednou. V prosklené restaurační místnosti si můžete užívat naší gastronomie do 21:00.


Vacation packages for the period from 1 March to 17 March 2019 are ready for you here.

Group and company discounts based on individual agreement. 

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