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Summer in the Ore Mountains Summer in the Ore Mountains - fotka 2

Summer in the Ore Mountains

If you do not fancy a long walk, you can play mini golf or table tennis in our garden, win a tennis match, play outdoor skittles or just sit on the terrace, drink homemade lemonade and wait for the evening grilling.  

If you want to see the surroundings, you can visit Child Jesus Trail in the town of  Boží Dar, known as Child Jesus’s town. Child Jesus’s post office is sending stamped letters with symbol of Jesus. Child Jesus’s short trail is meant for small children and it is 5,600 m long; the long trail is meant for experienced trackers and it is 12,900 m long. There are several stops along the trail marked with small houses where interesting tasks must be completed.

Close to the hotel is a rope centre, where the youngest must overcome 7 obstacles and adults 10 high obstacles with a rope slide. Our guests have an individual discount.

Do you prefer bikes? Shorter or longer trail? Ore Mountains will surprise you with the variety of terrains and untouched nature when biking along short tracks for small children or the difficult tracks taking you up to the summit of Klínovec. We will be happy to rent you the bikes.

If you want to have adrenalin experience without overstretching yourselves, you can try the summer bobsleigh track in Oberwiesenthal. It is opened from 10 am to 6 pm (whether permitting). On Saturdays, it is also open for night skiing. The track is 550 m long with elevation difference of 38.5 m and descent of 6.8%.

Winter in the Ore Mountains

Loučná po Klínovcem is frequented by skiers, snowboarders, cross country skiers and sledgers  in the winter. Also lovers of snow kiting, snow tubing and ski alpinism will enjoy their stay.

Klínovec Ski Resort is the biggest ski centre in the Ore Mountains and one of the best and top quality ski centres in the Czech Republic. It offers excellent snow conditions on 12 km of slopes of various levels and covering 35 ha with 80% of the snow being made. Klínovec slopes will satisfy both  beginners and experienced skiers.   

ElzaSki Ski Centre lies only 2 km from the Klínovec Ski Resort at 900 m.a.s.l. It has 2 ski lifts (480 m and 280 m) and 3 slopes. Fichtelberg Ski Resort is the biggest resort in the German part of Ore Mountains. Together with Klínovec Ski Resort it is called INTERSKIREGION.  It has 9 slopes and a snow park.

If you prefer cross-country over downhill skiing, there are dozens of kilometres of groomed cross-country skiing tracks. Their condition and up-to-date information about them can be found at web pages of skiing track of Karlovy Vary region. We even close roads and change them into skiing tracks for you.

This is place simply getting better and better!

Do you not fancy skiing every day? Let’s go and test the sleigh. There is bobsleigh track in the Klínovec and Oberwiesenthal Ski Resorts that is 1.8 km long and easy accessible with a lift. There are several bobsleigh rentals in the vicinity. Sometimes, there is time to change, so do not miss the opportunity in our resort.

Winter in the Ore Mountains Winter in the Ore Mountains - fotka 2

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